Six for Summer

Bill Reimer recently retired as the manager of the Regent College Book Store in...

New bishop of Saskatchewan

By Sharon Dewey Hetke   ON MAY 11 the Rev. Richard Reed was elected as the new bishop of...

Fire guts art-filled Toronto church

By Sue Careless A SUNDAY MORNING FIRE has destroyed one of the most beautiful churches in Canada....


The Anglican Planet (TAP) seeks to serve the worldwide Anglican Communion as
a source of intellectual, biblical and spiritual renewal.

Thirsting for God

CAN YOU REMEMBER a time when you were desperately thirsty? Maybe on a hot day working in the sun. Or after a long hike. Or maybe you’ve been stranded somewhere for a long time without water. What was it like finally to take a drink? How would you describe it?

Culture must not eclipse the Gospel

THE WORD “conversion” has taken a beating of late but a June conference in Toronto is not giving up on the term (full disclosure – I am one of the organizers of the Communion Partners conference).  The conference description addresses the difficulty head-on:

Set Free!

EASTER is the most important festival for Christians, because it is the basis of our faith.

Toronto ‘inclusivity’ narrows vision

ON  NOV. 20, 2023, Bp. Andrew Asbil issued an “important liturgical note” to the Diocese of Toronto. His choice of date was intentional: he noted that it is was the “Trans Day of Remembrance and Resilience.” He quoted from Genesis 1, and spoke of God’s creation – “an act of love,” which “includes a vast spectrum of diversity, including human diversity.


The Anglican Planet (TAP) seeks to serve the worldwide Anglican Communion
as a source of intellectual, biblical and spiritual renewal.


Tribute: Bishop George Bruce 1942-2024


Mere Anglicanism Panel


Death is part of life, but euthanasia should not be


TAP Interview: Nicholas Nicolaidis


Tribute: Tim Keller (1950-2023)


Harry Antonides


Tribute: Brent Stiller 1963-2023


Thomas Fitches 1945 – 2023


Interview with Bishop Joey Royal


The Anglican Planet (TAP) seeks to serve the worldwide Anglican Communion as a source of
intellectual, biblical and spiritual renewal.

Six for Summer

Enjoy these books with your iced cappuccino, cold beer or lemonade.

Freud’s Last Session

IT’S BECOMING something of a pattern: every time Anthony Hopkins wins an Oscar, he goes on to star in a movie about C.S. Lewis.Thirty years ago, after winning his first trophy for Silence of the Lambs, Hopkins played Lewis in Shadowlands, a movie about Lewis’s late-in-life romance with Joy Davidman Gresham

Therefore Choose Life: My Journey from Hopelessness to Hope

By Tyler James Dunlop with Tim den Bok

Independently published, 2023

Review and Comment by Margaret Cottle, MD

More time-travel for young people

JAMES is feeling sorry for himself. It is a hot summer evening in Pittsburgh and he longs for some adventures with his cousins gathered next door at his grandparents for a family reunion. But he is laid low with an asthma attack and declares miserably, “Nothing interesting ever happens!

The Holdovers

CHRISTMAS FILMS often come all sugar-coated and candy-cane sweet. But not The Holdovers. Think, instead, bleak midwinter and bittersweet. Instead of Home Alone it is rather a school-alone movie as a woeful handful of students at a boys’ private prep school in New England are left behind as their classmates and faculty cheerfully depart for the Christmas holidays. Only one teacher, a grumpy Classics instructor (Paul Giametti) is left behind to supervise them

New Books for the New Year

On Foot to Canterbury: A Son’s Pilgrimage

I MUST ADMIT from the onset that I am “totally hard-wired” for this book. Ken Haigh’s On Foot to Canterbury: A Son’s Pilgrimage covers so many areas of personal interest – hiking, English history, Anglican history, nature – that it’s hard for me not to become absorbed with his journey

Winter Reads

Curl up with a mug of cider or hot chocolate and enjoy some of these new titles, which our West Coast reviewers recommend.

Little Prayers for Ordinary Days

FOR their spiritual formation children need Bible story books but they also need prayer books suited to their young age. There are certainly some classics out there and a new one has just joined their ranks

The Watchmaker’s Daughter: The True Story of World War II Heroine Corrie ten Boom

I MUST CONFESS that I had not heard the term “historical espionage thriller” before, but now that I have read The Watchmaker’s Daughter, it applies perfectly. Larry Loftis’ book is a page-turner – you can’t put it down but it is also historically accurate. This is not historical fiction but the true story of a remarkable Christian woman, Corrie ten Boom.

Seven for Summer

It’s sandal weather and our West Coast reviewers, who can dip their toes in the Pacific, have some summer reads for us.